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Thank you for helping our loving animals!

More than 25 animals live at Urban Acres, where they enjoy safety, peace, and companionship while bringing joy and healing to our community members. We operate almost exclusively on donations from caring individuals like you. All of our staff work on an unpaid, volunteer basis, so your gift directly serves the animals


Here’s how your generous cash donation helps:

  • Feed our 10+ horses, pony, cat (Barn Manager), ducks, turkeys, and chickens a healthy diet throughout the year.

  • Provide veterinary services when needed, like medicine to treat Star’s COPD and check-ups for our oldest resident, Gypsy.

  • Maintain, repair, and upgrade the facilities, which include functional structures like fencing, storage sheds, horse waterers, and winter shelters.

Thanks to generous donors like you, we have enough hay to feed the equines through this winter. This allows us to focus on our second most urgent need: safe enclosures.


We’re asking for your help to replace our dangerous fencing with safe and permanent fencing. This project will cost at least $20,000.

After 30 years, the current fencing is collapsing. A loose horse can cause dangerous and even deadly accidents on the busy adjacent Sorensen Parkway. Today, rotting railroad ties and severe leaning caused by water erosion are temporarily secured with T-posts. With your help, we plan to replace our 900 feet of protective fencing with professionally-installed deep iron pipes and welded fencing so that erosion and rot will never be problems again.

Will you give a gift today to help us create a safer home for these animals and for the residents of North Omaha?

Want to double your gift for free?


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you may designate Urban Acres Horse Rescue as a matching gift recipient through your employer. Click to find out if your company offers a gift-matching program.


Contact your HR Department with questions.

Thank you to our Top Donors: 

(individuals contributing over $250)

Sam and Erin Nigro

Timothy Brutshe, Wayne Orin King Foundation

Lisa Wooden in honor of her mother

June Blair, Lil' Vikes Athletic Association

Diane D.

Bunny H.

Deborah O. 

Michael & Elaine Royce

Robert E. Hess

Dwain Horn Foundation

Bland & Associates (Bland Cares Foundation)


We welcome in-kind donations.

We gladly accept donations of the following goods:

  • Various items on our Tractor Supply wish list, including:

    • DuMOR horse block

    • Producer’s Pride 12% horse feed pellets, 50 lbs

    • DuMOR Alfalfa Hay Horse Feed Pellets, 50 lbs

    • Pyranha Wipe n’ Spray for horses

    • Horsemen’s Pride 3-step mounting block

  • Red Cell Pellets horse supplement, 4 lbs (

  • Red Cell vitamin-iron-mineral supplement for horses, 1 gallon (

  • B&B Yeast Pellets for horses, 20 lbs (

  • Tough 1 Himalayan rock salt block

  • Rice Bran Naturals highly digestible fat supplement, 40 lbs

If you have any questions about whether we can accept your donations, email or text to ask. Thank you for thinking of us!​

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