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Providing sanctuary for injured, unwanted, and aged equines in the heart of North Omaha

Equine Experts, Hooved Healers 

We've been rescuing and rehabilitating horses since the early '90s. Horses have the power to heal us. Each year, hundreds of community members, many with significant impairments, visit our sanctuary and grow through safe interactions with our equines.

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate, rehome or provide sanctuary for injured, unwanted, and aged horses and ponies.


Many unwanted and sick animals have come through our barn in the last 25 years. The founder has gone to auctions looking for old mares that were headed to slaughter. Urban Acres has also temporarily sheltered any hoofstock (cows, pigs, goats, llama) that are displaced due to unusual circumstances. We provide food and medical care and emergency housing for any lost animal that comes to our rescue.

Our Vision

To be a welcome place for everyone in our community.


  • Make a gathering place for visitors to learn about and interact safely with the animals in all types of weather.

  • Keep the animals warm during the coldest days of winter.

  • Provide programming for disadvantaged and at-risk community members. Animals leave life-changing effects.

  • With our horses and space, be safe and welcoming for all, regardless of your background or who you are. 

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