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Build a Barn Campaign

Urban Acres' current barn has braced the elements for over 100 years. It was remodeled for the horses 20 years ago, but unfortunately is now too crowded and not safe.


Our horses have access to 3-sided shelter, but as it gets colder we would like to provide them with stalls and a warm barn to protect them from the wind and snow.

Also, with individual places to eat, each horse would get its fair share of food.


Total Cost: $20,000+

Golden Horseshoe Fundraiser

Leave your mark!  Individuals that donate $250 or more to the "Build a Barn" Campaign will have a golden horse shoe permanently affixed to the new barn wall. 


It will be engraved with the exact information you want on it.  Buy it for you, your family, a special loved one or your business.

Urban Acres Donation Form
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